It’s Time to Take Over The Business!

           OVER NEW YEARS DAY DINNER, my husband and I were talking about my Film Acting career, and where I saw myself in five, six, seven years? That really MADE ME THINK!  I thought to myself, my career is not where I hoped after two years. Then . . I softly admit  to my husband, “Well, my career hasn’t been moving as quickl as I thought it would; however, there has been some BRIGHT moments: well, I worked as a Supporting Actor, once I played LEAD, but most of my contact in the Industry as been as an EXTRA.

      ON THE POSITIVE side, I have made some pretty BIG INVESTMENTS in my CAREER, i.e., a WEBSite, something have  86% of ACTORS doesn’t have, also,I invested in an On-Line Resume|Headshot Site, I’ve been able to collect various HEAD-SHOTS/Character . . . sides of my personality I call them). As I see as a BONUS, I’ve collected lots of KARMA LOVE, from those in the INDUSTRY.

It's time.

It’s time.

      AFTER WE finished the main course, then during dessert, “At this time in my life Grove, “I feel I must, HAVE 2DO SOMEThing BiG, he gave me a strange, but loving look, I continue, You know Baby? I’m not getting the RESPONSE I thought a. . . I’m not sure what’s wrong?”

     HE GAVE ME the “Look” again, I answered with a firm “NO, Noooo, NOT THAT!”  We laughed, then continued to talk through our dessert, taking small bites at a time. I stop for a moment and say, “This time around, I have to GO for it Baby!  Then the ‘LOOK,’ again.  I continue, “I HAVE to do something BiG! Something DIFFERENT! Something UNEXPECTED!”

      I AM SICK and tired of I standing-on-the-sideline watching others ‘Do Their THANG.’ Waiting, watching, just like when I was on the high school basketball team. I sat the bench three fourths of the games. Watching the game from the BENCH.  WELL this time I WILL be in the GAME!. SO put me in COACH, I’M READY TO PLAY! THEN hope like HELL they PICK ME for the ROLE after working my ASS-Off the weeks before

      Most professional know there’s a great deal, and a great deal of time that goes into preparing for an Audition. Oftentimes I travel quite a distance for an Audition; sometimes close to 30, 40 miles; spending days, weeks with the SIDES memorizing lines, (if they had any), putting hours into developing the character I am Auditioning for, and if it’s two? Well double that time of work.  Not to mention the amount of time, sometimes money, that accompanies selecting wardrobe to a particular character, in an Audition.


     THE TECHNIQUES an ACTOR goes through to present a 30-40 second PERFORMANCE in an AUDITION, is mind blowing. And just imagine, we do this over and over again, until we find work!  AFTER delivering the BEST darn AUDITION they have EVAH seen, I’m home waiting, HOPING they PICK ME! for the ROLe. It can be exhausting, but it’s all pleasure for this Actor.

      I WANT, NO!  I need to be in CONTROL of my career.  I’ve been around, this business for a while. I’ve observed professionals working in their line of work.  I feel I  have what it takes to SHOOT a FILM, to EDIT a film, to WRITE a SCREEN PLAY -the skills I am

     WHEN I LEAVE this planet, I want to leave a piece of me! I want to be remembered doing something I LOVE!  This is going to sound quite morbid, but one of the items on my ____ List is TO BE ON TCM’s EULOGY FILM as the beautiful homage type music softly whispers in the background. My contemporaries PORTRAITS followING mine, signifying I was in GOOD COMPANY.  I DESire to be remembered as an ACTRESS … Doing EXACTLY what she loved in her profession!!  An OPPORTunity that just FELL IN MY LAP, and I plan to take full ADVANTAGE of it!

     TO TELL YOU the truth, I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t. SO, HERE IT IS! MY  Movie Reviewer.  I’m about to SHOOT the first segment TONIGHT. Okay, about two-three weeks ago I was RANDOMLY selected to be a SAG|Awards VOTER. ERGO, the titles.

      I’M ABOUT TO do my own THANG. I got selected by my Union|Screen ACTOR’S Guild to be a VOTer selecting winners in their a lotted categories.  WELL, I have received four nominate movies  NINE TOTAL to VOTE for BEST LEAD, Supporting, so fourth and so on.                          AINT THAT A GAS?!

     I DECIDED to BLOG my OPINIONS, and write a REVIEW a week an on camera review! YIKES! That’s, on camera, is the most challenging for me. I’ve been the consummate EXTRA for so long, and now I have made my opportunity, via, SAG, and NOW, I’M about to TAKE CENTER STAGE, or for the movies, THE LEADING ROLE.  I feel excited and challenged!

     IF YOU ARE interested in viewing my Video BLOGs, check back later on my Facebook, or TWITTER for further information!

     THANKS for spending your time with me.  Have a beautiful  BLESSed day!

*Look for more interesting reading soon!

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